MEW or MEWS may stand for:

  • Manufacturer's Empty Weight,the weight of the aircraft "as built"
  • Measure of Economic Welfare
  • Mortgage equity withdrawal, the decision of consumers to borrow money against the real value of their houses
  • Modified early warning score, a tool for evaluating deteriorating patients in medicine

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Famous quotes containing the word mew:

    Oh! my God! the down,
    The soft young down of her, the brown,
    The brown of her—her eyes, her hair, her hair . . .
    —Charlotte Mew (1870–1928)

    An’ him no more to me nor me to him
    Than the wind goin’ over my hand.
    —Charlotte Mew (1870–1928)

    This is only a most piteous pretense of sleep!
    —Charlotte Mew (1870–1928)