Merritt may refer to:

  • Merritt (surname)
  • The Merritt, Merritt Parkway limited access highway in Connecticut


  • Merritt, California
    • Merritt Island AVA, California wine region in Yolo County
  • Merritt, Michigan
  • Merritt Township, Michigan
  • Merritt, South Dakota
  • Merritt, British Columbia
  • Merritt Island, Florida

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List Of United States Political Families (M) - The Merritts
... Merritt (1828–1916), New York Assemblyman 1860–1861, delegate to the New York Constitutional Convention 1867 1868, candidate for Treasurer of New York 1875, U.S ... Merritt ... Merritt (1860–1914), New York Assemblyman 1902–1912, delegate to the Republican National Convention 1912, U.S ...
Spanish Affair - Plot
... Merritt Blake, a young American architect, comes to Spain to close a series of commercial agreements ... They set off, first to visit the Conde de Rivera, who tells Merritt that he will support the project if his colleague in Barcelona favors the plan ... Mari cautions Merritt that this is not a "done deal." ...
Stephin Merritt Discography
... is a detailed listing of releases by singer-songwriter Stephin Merritt, including the discographies of The Magnetic Fields, The Gothic Archies, The 6ths, Future Bible Heroes ...
Merritt, California
121.76056°W / 38.61417 -121.76056 Merritt — Unincorporated community — Merritt Coordinates 38°36′51″N 121°45′38″W / 38.61417°N 121.76056°W / 38.61417 -121.76056 Country ... It was reestablished and ran between 1870-73 as "Merritt" ... Merritt who came to Yolo County before 1866 ...
Tommy Merritt - Political Career
... After Republican Jerry Yost decided not to run for reelection in 1996, Merritt entered the Republican primary and won over 62 percent of the vote ... Merritt went on to win a seat in the Texas House of Representatives after being unopposed in the 1996 general election in 2008 he was elected to a 7th term ... Tommy Merritt co-authored the bill which added "Under God" to the Texas Pledge ...