Meridian Technical Charter High School

Meridian Technical Charter High School (MTCHS) is a high school located in Meridian, Idaho, USA. The student population is 170-200 students, with a maximum of sixty-six students per grade. The school shares a campus with Meridian Medical Arts Charter High School (MMACHS). The two schools do not share classes, however, MTCHS does not have a lunch service and therefore uses MMACHS to supply its students with lunch. The two schools share the same buses.

The school was originally known as Meridian Charter High School. The name was changed to avoid confusion with nearby Meridian Medical Arts Charter High School.

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Meridian Technical Charter High School - School Basics
... MTCHS has high standards for its students ... Unlike most schools, anything less than a 74% is a failing grade, and will result in the student retaking the class during summer school if they wish to continue at MTCHS ... If a student receives less than a 74% in a technology class, he or she will be removed from the school and will not be allowed to return ...

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