MEPS can refer to:

  • Military Entrance Processing Station
  • Marine Ecology Progress Series, a scientific journal dealing mostly with research in the field of marine ecology.
  • Methode d’Evaluation des Produits Securitaire “bancaires”
  • Multilanguage Electronic Phototypesetting System
  • United States Military Entrance Processing Command
  • Management Engineering & Production Services Ltd., a leading consultancy company operating in the steel sector worldwide.
  • Minimum Energy Performance Standard
  • Malaysian Electronic Payment System, a regional interbank network system in Malaysia.
  • Microextraction by Packed Sorbent
  • Medical Expenditure Panel Survey
  • Mañana Es Para Siempre (Tomorrow Is Forever), Mexican Telenovela

Other articles related to "meps":

Multilanguage Electronic Phototypesetting System
... Multilanguage Electronic Phototypesetting System (MEPS, also called Multilanguage Electronic Publishing System) is a system for offset printing in a variety of languages and character sets ... Before MEPS there was no system available for printing in all languages, due largely to the economies of many countries where production of literature in their languages was not financially viable ... The MEPS program, which is capable of correctly laying out different languages with different character sets, was created with this problem in mind ...
Minimum Energy Performance Standard - Australia
... MEPS programs are made mandatory in Australia by state government legislation and regulations which give force to the relevant Australian Standards ... manufactured in or imported into Australia to meet the MEPS levels specified by the relevant Australian Standards Calendar of implementation of MEPS in ...
Minimum Energy Performance Standard - New Zealand
... On 5 February 2002, New Zealand introduced Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) with Energy Efficiency Regulations ... MEPS and energy rating labels help improve the energy efficiency of our products, and enable consumers to choose products that use less energy ... Products covered by MEPS must meet or exceed set levels for energy performance before they can be sold to consumers ...
Microextraction By Packed Sorbent
... Microextraction by packed sorbent or MEPS is a Lab in Syringe ... MEPS is a novel approach to sample preparation and sample handling that was introduced by professor Mohamed Abdel-Rehim and his co-worker ... The SPE sorbent materials are packed in the MEPS BIN which is the cartridge that is integrated into a microliter syringe ...