Meng Da

Meng Da (died 228) was a military general who served under Liu Zhang, Liu Bei, Cao Pi, and Cao Rui during the late Han Dynasty and Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history.

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Battle Of Xincheng
... The Meng Da Rebellion, also known as the Battle of Xincheng, was a revolt that took place in the state of Cao Wei between late 227 and early 228 during the ... The rebellion was initiated by Meng Da, a former Shu Han general who defected to Wei and was placed in charge of Xincheng commandery (located in the vicinity of present-day ... The revolt was swiftly suppressed within a month by the Wei general Sima Yi and Meng Da was captured and executed ...
Meng Da - Appointments and Titles Held
... Administrator of Yidu (宜都太守) Appointments and titles held by Meng Da after he defected to Wei Attendant of Scattered Cavalry ...
Battle Of Xincheng - In Fiction - The Novel's Account
... Meng Da invited Shen Yi (申儀), the Administrator of Jincheng (金城), and Shen Dan (申耽), the Administrator of Shangyong (上庸), to join him in the ... They lied to Meng Da that the preparations were insufficient, and Meng believed them ... Ji (梁畿) arrived at Xincheng and lied to Meng Da that Sima had led an army towards Chang'an to deal with an invasion by Shu Han ...
Battle Of Xincheng - The Rebellion
... There are two accounts of Meng Da's motive for rebelling, both of which are generally similar but there are some slight differences ... The Weilue account mentioned that Zhuge Liang planned to induce Meng Da to defect to Shu when he heard that Meng was feeling uneasy in Xincheng ... Zhuge Liang wrote several letters to Meng Da and the latter replied ...
List Of Chinese Monarchs - Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms 五代十国
... zu3 Not used when referring to this sovereign Meng Zhixiang