Melton may refer to:

  • Melton, Victoria, a satellite town outside Melbourne, Australia
    • Electoral district of Melton, the Victorian Legislative Assembly electorate based on Melton
    • Melton, Victoria (suburb), a suburb of Melton
    • Shire of Melton, a Victorian Local Government Authority based on Melton
  • Borough of Melton, a local government district in Leicestershire, England
  • Melton, East Riding of Yorkshire, England
  • Melton, Suffolk, England
  • Barry Melton (born 1947), a musician and co-founder of Country Joe and The Fish
  • Douglas A. Melton (born 1953), a developmental biologist
  • Frank Melton (died 2009), former mayor of Jackson, Mississippi
  • J. Gordon Melton (born 1942), an American religious scholar
  • John Melton (died 1640), English politician and author
  • Parvati Melton (born 1989), Indian model and actress
  • Sid Melton {born 1920), American actor
  • Terrence Melton (born 1977), American football player
  • William Melton (died 1340), Archbishop of York
  • Melton (horse), a British Thoroughbred racehorse
  • a type of mackinaw cloth, named after Melton Mowbray
  • a brand of brass instruments by Meinl-Weston

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... Lines around Melton Constable To Cromer Holt To King's Lynn Thursford Melton Constable To North Walsham Corpusty Hindolveston To Norwich From a population of 118 in 1881, Melton Constable grew rapidly with the ... Due to its central location on the M GN, Melton Constable became, after King's Lynn, one of the two main centres from which the M GN was controlled it was ... All M GN traffic from and to the west had to pass through Melton Constable where trains were divided or made-up before proceeding west, where goods trains were shunted and assembled ...
Student Village (Victoria University) - Campuses - Melton
... The Melton campus offers a range of TAFE and community courses at its Rees Road, Melton South site ...
Melton Carnegie Museum
0.8809778°W / 52.7646417 -0.8809778 The Melton Carnegie Museum is a museum in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, which documents the history of the ... It is managed by Leicestershire County Council and supported by Melton Borough Council and is Heritage Lottery Funded ...
St Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray
... St Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray is a parish church in the Church of England located in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire ...
Melton, East Riding Of Yorkshire - History
... William Melton, Archbishop of York (d. 1340) is thought to have originated from Melton ... The land around Melton was enclosed by Act of Parliament in 1771/3 ...

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    To be innocent is natural, but to die pure of heart—that’s a gift.
    —Adele Comandini. Edward Sutherland. George Melton (Harry Carey)