Meihua Quan (Chinese: 梅花拳; literally "Plum Flower Fist") is a very common name in kung fu:

  • 1)a style of kung fu that originated in the northern provinces of China centuries ago. Meihuaquan is also known as Meihuazhuang 梅花桩.
"Meihuazhuang" ("pillars of meihua plum") is a brief variant of "ganzhi wushi meihuazhuang" ("trunks, branches and five forms on pillars of meihua plum"), this style also known as "meihuaquan" ("fist of meihua plum"). It has more than thousand year history. This style origins from monks and belong to Kunlun's branch of chinese martial arts. During long time it passed from father to son, from son to grandson, i.e. only through male line, this was a reason to the name "fuziquan" ("fist of father and son"). Because of it although this style is known from ancient time, it spread only at the end of Ming - beginning of Qing dynasty in countyes, placed on the joint of Hebei, Henan, Shandong and Shanxi provinces.Meihuazhuang (pillars of meihua plum)
  • 2)other styles, with this name, like Meishanquan from southern China;
  • 3) many Sets inside other styles, like Da and Xiao Meihuaquan in Songshan Shaolinquan.

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