Medial Cutaneous Nerve

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Outline Of Human Anatomy - Anatomy of The Human Body - Nervous System
... Cerebral hemisphere Peripheral nervous system General terms Cranial nerves Olfactory nerve Optic nerve Oculomotor nerve Trochlear nerve Trigeminal nerve Sensory root Trigeminal ... ganglion) Thoracic ganglia Greater splanchnic nerve Lesser splanchnic nerve Least splanchnic nerve Lumbar ganglia Lumbar splanchnic nerves Sacral ganglia Sacral splanchnic nerves Ganglion impar Parasympathetic ...
Lumbar Plexus - Branches
... The iliohypogastric nerve runs anterior to the psoas major on its proximal lateral border to run laterally and obliquely on the anterior side of quadratus lumborum ... the hypogastric region) with the anterior cutaneous branch ... The ilioinguinal nerve closely follows the iliohypogastric nerve on the quadratus lumborum, but then passes below it to run at the level of the iliac crest ...
Anterior Cutaneous Branches Of The Femoral Nerve - Medial Cutaneous Nerve of Thigh
... The medial cutaneous nerve (internal cutaneous nerve) passes obliquely across the upper part of the sheath of the femoral artery, and divides in front, or at the ... the thigh, and divides into two branches one supplies the integument as low down as the medial side of the knee the other crosses to the lateral side of the patella ... The posterior branch descends along the medial border of the sartorius to the knee, where it pierces the fascia lata, communicates with the saphenous nerve, and gives off several cutaneous branches ...
Superficial Branch Of Lateral Plantar Nerve
... the common digital nerve communicates with the third common digital branch of the medial plantar nerve and divides into two proper digital nerves which supply the adjoining ... Nerves of lower limbs and lower torso the lumbosacral plexus (L1–Co) (TA A14.2.05–07GA 9.948) lumbar plexus (L1–L4) iliohypogastric lateral ...

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