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Paris Meridian - The Arago Medallions
... Dibbets came up with the idea of setting 135 bronze medallions (although only 121 are documented in the official guide to the medallions) into the ground along the Paris meridian between the ... Each medallion is 12 cm in diameter and marked with the name ARAGO plus N and S pointers ... Several missing Arago medallions appear to have been replaced with the newer 'An 2000 — La Méridienne Verte' markers ...
Medallic Art - Medallions
... The Nobel Foundation, the organization awarding the prestigious Nobel Prize, presents each winner "an assignment for the amount of the prize, a diploma, and a gold medal..." This example of a medal would be displayed on a table or in a cabinet, rather than worn by the winner ... The Carnegie Hero Foundation is the issuer of a bravery medal, most commonly issued in the US and Canada but also in the UK ...
Cox Model Engine - The Engines - Medallions
1961 Medallion 049 (Cat#240 - Manufactured Nov 1961-Jan 1996) Also known as the "Poor man's Tee Dee" these were similar to the Tee Dee in appearance but had. 1961 Medallion.09.15 The Medallion engine was also produced in (Cat#230).09 and (Cat#220).15 cubic inch size ... Cat#230-1 Medallion.09 RC and Cat#220-1 Medallion.15 RC ...
Telluride Film Festival Silver Medallion - History of The Silver Medallion
... The first Silver Medallions were awarded in 1974 at the 1st Telluride Film Festival ... The presentation of the medallion is preceded by a clip reel, full feature and/or on stage interview ... Traditionally, three Silver Medallions are given out each year, with a few exceptions where numerous people from a specific category were paid the honor ...
Alliant Energy Center - Exhibition Hall - 'Geologic Time'
... Michele Oka Doner, consists of over 900 bronze medallions inlaid in the terrazzo floor of Exhibition Hall's lobby ... The medallions signify the passage of time and the connection between past and present ... Some of the medallions represent the natural and cultural environment of Dane County and Wisconsin, such as fish, turtles, cattails, water lilies, and salamanders ...

Famous quotes containing the word medallions:

    A poem should be palpable and mute
    As a globed fruit,
    As old medallions to the thumb,
    Archibald MacLeish (1892–1982)