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Operation Karbala-6 - The Battle
... Immediately, the Iranian 77th 'Khorasan" mechanized division and the 31st 'Ashoora' mechanized division attacked the Iraqi forces ... The Iranian 77th mechanized division broke through the encirclement, defeating the Iraqis and relieving the Basijis ...
Republican Guard (Iraq) - Gulf War
... northern Kuwait, consisted of 1st "Hammurabi" Armoured Division 2nd "al-Medinah al-Munawera" Armoured Division 3rd "Tawakalna ala-Allah" Mechanized Division 4th "Al Faw" Mechanized Division 2d ... This unit could be divided to form two half-divisions. 8th "As Saiqa" Special Forces Division - contained a Marine Brigade, an parachute brigade, and a Special Forces Brigade ...
Iraqi Soldiers - History - Battle Al-Hawwasm 2003
... In all, there were 11 infantry divisions, 3 mechanized divisions, and 3 armored divisions ... The five corps were organised as follows 1st Corps, near Kirkuk consisted of the 5th Mechanized Division, 2nd Infantry Division, 8th Infantry Division. 2nd Corps, near Diyala, had the 3rd Armored Division, 15th Infantry Division, and 34th Infantry Division ...

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    War is the supreme drama of a completely mechanized society.
    Lewis Mumford (1895–1990)