• (adj): Using vehicles.
    Synonyms: mechanized, motorized
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Some articles on mechanised:

3rd Mechanised Brigade (France)
... The 3rd Mechanised Brigade (French 3e Brigade Mécanisée, 3e BM) is a mechanised unit of the French Army ...
Multinational Division Central-South - Forces - Polish
... Rotation Division Strength I 12th Mechanised Division 2500 II 11th Armoured Cavalry Division 2500 III 16th Mechanised Division 2400 IV 11th Lubusz ...
Lithuanian Land Force - Units
... Iron Wolf Mechanised Infantry Brigade King Mindaugas Mechanised Infantry Battalion Grand Duke Algirdas Mechanised Infantry Battalion Grand Duchess Birut ...
Mechanised Corps (Soviet Union) - Period 1942–1946
... authorized the formation of a new type of mechanised corps which was to become the main operational mechanised formation for the remainder of the war ... Mechanised corps were not to be used in breakthrough battles, but only in the exploitation phase of an operation ... with the new Tank Corps a four manouvre brigade structure – three mechanised brigades and one tank brigade, plus an anti-tank regiment, artillery, and other support units ...
Transjordan Frontier Force - TJFF Units
... Camel Company, 1 Apr 1926 till 1930, replaced by Mechanised coy D Company (Mechanised), 1930 till Feb 1941, Based at the H4 pumping station on the Iraq Petroleum Company pipeline ...

More definitions of "mechanised":

  • (adj): Equipped with machinery.
    Synonyms: mechanized