Some articles on meals:

Sanyukai - Outreach Program
... Program strives to provide the homeless with free meals and decent clothing ... Several times a week, Sanyukai will prepare individually wrapped meals and go on patrol in the area ... areas where homeless individuals tend to frequent, these patrols provide free meals and conversation ...
Mico University College - Facilities - Meals
... Students are served meals daily at the Bonham Carter Hall ... The cafeteria serves lunch and supper to students and staff of the institution ...
Subdivisions Of Belize - Culture - Cuisine
... Midday meals vary, from lighter foods such as rice and beans or beans and rice with or without coconut milk, tamales, "panades" (fried maize shells with beans or fish), and meat pies ... In the rural areas meals may be more simplified than in the cities the Maya use recado, corn or maize for most of their meals, and the Garifuna are fond of seafood, cassava (particularly made into cassava ...
Cuisine Of Sardinia - Meal Structure
... Traditionally, meals in Italy usually contain 3 or 4 courses ... Meals are seen as a time to spend with family and friends instead of immediate sustenance thus, daily meals can be longer than in other cultures ... A notable aspect of Italian meals is that the primo or first course, is usually a more filling dish such as risotto or pasta ...

Famous quotes containing the word meals:

    We are told that every American boy has the chance of being president. I tell you that these little boys in the iron cages would sell their chance any day for good square meals and a chance to play.
    Mother Jones (1830–1930)

    I wish that everything on earth were just
    As certain as the meals we’ve had. I wish
    The meals we haven’t had were, anyway.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    Three meals plus bedtime make four sure blessings a day.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)