McKechnie Field - History - Early Era: 1919-1992 - Phillies and Red Sox

Phillies and Red Sox

The Cardinals played in Bradenton in the very next season, before leaving for Stockton, California in 1925. However they were replaced by the Philadelphia Phillies who played in the park until 1928, until they left for Winter Haven. In 1928, the Boston Red Sox were looking at possibly coming to Bradenton, after spending the prior three years training in New Orleans. However before the team would commit to the Bradenton, the Red Sox officials asked to see the attendance and financial figures of what they would see if they moved their training to Bradenton. Robert M. Beall Sr. then supplied the Red Sox with the actual figures they requested. The Boston officials were impressed with Beall's honesty. Every other city, competing for the Red Sox, had given the club figures on what they might have they choose their city, not their current factual figures. The Red Sox trained in Bradenton until 1930. That season the Cardinals returned to Bradenton and would stay their for the next seven springs.

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