MBTA Bus Routes in East Boston, Chelsea, and Revere - 112


The 112 Wellington Sta. - Wood Island Sta. via Central Ave., Mystic Mall & Admiral's Hill runs from Wood Island north over the Chelsea Street Bridge into Chelsea and west through downtown Chelsea (serving the Chelsea Commuter Rail station), and via Everett Square in Everett to end at Wellington. Large diversions are made to serve Quigley Hospital and Admiral's Hill in Chelsea; some trips bypass the Mystic Mall in the morning before it opens.

The 112 streetcar line was replaced by trackless trolleys soon after being taken over by the BERy. At the time, the route went between Malden Square and Chelsea Square via Everett Square, running north from Everett Square on Broadway and northwest on Ferry Street to Malden Square. The 113 supplemented the route, bypassing Everett Square via Ferry Street.

The 113 last ran December 8, 1960, and buses replaced trackless trolleys June 24, 1961 on the 112. This allowed the route to be extended October 1961 from Chelsea Square to City Square, Charlestown via the Tobin Bridge. The Charlestown Elevated (serving City Square) closed April 1975, and the 112 was rerouted to Maverick on the Blue Line via the Meridian Street Bridge. In June 1976 the 112 was truncated at its north end to Everett Square.

After a period of closure, the Chelsea Street Bridge reopened, and in December 1977 the 112 was rerouted to use it and end at Wood Island. A June 1985 extension took it west to Wellington. Also, between December 1982 and June 1998 the route was moved back to Maverick due to another bridge closure. Again in 1998 the route was moved again to Wood Island to alleviate traffic on Meridian Street.

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