Mayuri may refer to:

  • Mayuri (film), a 1984 Telugu film produced by Ramoji Rao
  • Mayoori (actress) (1983–2005), a South Indian actress in Malayalam film industry
  • Mayuri Upadhya, the Artistic Director of Nritarutya Dance Collective
  • Mayuri Kurotsuchi. a character in the Bleach anime and manga.

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Mayuri Upadhya
... Mayuri Upadhya is the Artistic Director of the Bangalore based Nritarutya Dance Collective, which she founded in 2000 as its principal choreographer ... Mayuri was initiated into dance at the age of 6 and was trained in Bharatanatyam from Indira Kadambi, in Kathak from Eshwarpurathi, in Odissi from Uday Kumar Shetty ... Mayuri was also trained in contemporary dance by the Shobhana Jeyasingh Dance Company, London, where she learned the Graham and the Release techniques ...
List Of Soul Reapers In Bleach - Soul Reaper Characters - Twelfth Division - Nemu Kurotsuchi
... She is the artificially created daughter of Mayuri Kurotsuchi, a combination of his research in artificial bodies (義骸, gigai?) and artificial souls (義魂, gikon?) ... is far from the average father-daughter one, as Mayuri does not appear to care much for Nemu's well-being, even using her as bait in combat, and ... for others, saving Uryū Ishida's life as thanks when he does not kill Mayuri ...
Sudha Chandran - Filmography
... Mari (1987) (Malayalam) Malarum Kiliyum (1986) (Malayalam) Mayuri (film) (1984) (Telugu) Sarvam Sakthimayam (1986)...Sivakami (Tamil) Naache Mayuri (1986).. ... Mayuri (Hindi) Chinna Puve Mella Pesu (Year unknown).. ...
90 Ghanta - Plot
... tale of George (Tota Roy Choudhury), Rishin (Jishu Sengupta) and his wife Mayuri (Swastika Mukherjee) ... Things get complicated when George comes to know Rishin's wife Mayuri is his ex-girlfriend ... Mayuri tries to convince him against killing her husband ...