Mauryan Empire

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Dasaratha Maurya - Administration
... Vincent Smith and Romila Thapar advanced the popular theory of a division of the Mauryan Empire amongst Kunala and Dasaratha after the death of Ashoka ... evidence to support hypothesis." The Vayu and Brahmanda Puranas mention three Mauryan rulers—Bandhupalita, Indrapalita and Dasona—whose identification is rather difficult ... The political unity of the Mauryan Empire did not long survive Ashoka's death ...
Saharanpur Division - Historical - The Mauryan Empire
... Consequently, they defeated Nanda Srughna Janapada was assimilated into the Mauryan Empire and Saharanpur became a part of the Maurya Empire. 187–180 BCE), the last ruler of the Mauryan Empire ...

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