Mauri may refer to:

  • Mauri meaning the life force which all objects contain, in the Māori language of New Zealand and the Rotuman language of Rotuma
  • Mauri, or Maurya Empire, an ancient caste in India which built its greatest empire
  • Mauri, a Finnish male name
  • Mauri (film), 1987 New Zealand film directed by Merata_Mita
  • Mauri (people), people of the ancient kingdom Mauretania
  • Moors, North African people known in ancient Latin as Mauri
  • Mauri (fish), a Trichomycterus catfish found in Poopó Lake, Bolivia
  • Mauri (surname), persons surnamed Mauri
  • Mauri River, river in Bolivia
  • Mauri, Estonia, village in Misso Parish, Võru County, Estonia
  • Mauri is the name of an Italian, Milan based fashion shoemaker which specializes in alligator styles.

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Mauri People
... Mauri (from which derives the English term "Moors") was the Latin designation for those ancient Berber peoples inhabiting the territory of modern Algeria and Morocco, Roman Mauretania, west of ... Groups of Mauri continued to inhabit the desert regions south of the Roman borderland ... The name Mauri was applied to people of the entire region ...
Benedict Biddle - Marriage and Post War
... in the land wars, Biddle married a Māori woman called Mauri Poiakino (Pakohai) who was of Tuhoe and Ngati Pahauwera origins ... Mauri accompanied her husband on a number of his military missions, acting as both a guide and cook ... Following the land wars, Biddle and Mauri had a large family and lived in Wainui in the Bay of Plenty, an odd location as Ben's arch nemesis, Te Kooti, resided and built built his marae there ...
Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses - Music
... by M.Helminen "Nolo Tengo Dinares" – Written by Mauri Sumén "Kasatchok" – Traditional, arranged by Leningrad Cowboys "Kili Watch" – Written by G ... Derse, arranged by Mauri Sumén "Wedding March" – Written by Erkki Melartin, arranged by Mauri Sumén "Matuschka" – Written by Ben Granfelt, arranged by Mauri Sumén "Lonely Moon ... Tervaharju, arranged by Mauri Sumén "I Woke Up This Morning Last Night" – Written by Leningrad Cowboys, M ...
Mauri Pacific - Fate
... Mauri Pacific was not well received by the general public ... Many voters believed that Mauri Pacific had been born out of political opportunism, not out of firmly-held principle ... In the 1999 elections, Mauri Pacific stood candidates in twenty electorates ...