Mauri may refer to:

  • Mauri meaning the life force which all objects contain, in the Māori language of New Zealand and the Rotuman language of Rotuma
  • Mauri, or Maurya Empire, an ancient caste in India which built its greatest empire
  • Mauri, a Finnish male name
  • Mauri (film), 1987 New Zealand film directed by Merata_Mita
  • Mauri (people), people of the ancient kingdom Mauretania
  • Moors, North African people known in ancient Latin as Mauri
  • Mauri (fish), a Trichomycterus catfish found in Poopó Lake, Bolivia
  • Mauri (surname), persons surnamed Mauri
  • Mauri River, river in Bolivia
  • Mauri, Estonia, village in Misso Parish, Võru County, Estonia
  • Mauri is the name of an Italian, Milan based fashion shoemaker which specializes in alligator styles.