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Legacy Of The Drow - Plot Summary
... Meanwhile, in Menzoberranzan, Drizzt's sister Vierna (Taken in by Matron Baenre after the fall of House Do’Urden) is preparing to recapture her brother ... He is captured and taken to Matron Baenre's dungeon and tortured by Vendes, the chief torturer who earned the nickname duk'tak ... Drizzt kills Vendes, then later fights Dantrag Baenre, who was considered the second-best to Zaknafein, so he wanted to kill Drizzt because he was ...
Pharaun Mizzrym - Y - Yvonnel Baenre
... Yvonnel Baenre, called for centuries simply Matron Baenre, embodies the House in the city of Menzoberannzan with an uncanny strength bred from ... She is described as being the most powerful drow matron mother to have ever lived in Menzoberranzan and even in her old age she is known to be one of the most magically protected beings in Faerûn ... More than two thousand years old, Matron Baenre has had twenty children (15 daughters and 5 sons) and has maintained the relatively enormous power of House Baenre for centuries ...

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