Matrix of Leadership

The Matrix of Leadership or Creation Matrix is a fictional artefact in the Transformers toy and media franchise created by Hasbro. In most incarnations, it is a legendary talisman that is passed down to new leaders of the Autobots, the franchise's main protagonists. The Matrix has been one of the transformers franchise's most prominent elements, appearing in almost every Transformers comic and television series, as well as the live-action film series.

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Matrix Of Leadership - Other Matrix-related Objects - Toys
... The "Matrix Glow" recolor of G1 Ultra Magnus, mostly cast in translucent yellow, was released in 2001 as an homage to the scene from the animated movie when the Matrix ... The toy does not actually include a Matrix ...

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    In all cultures, the family imprints its members with selfhood. Human experience of identity has two elements; a sense of belonging and a sense of being separate. The laboratory in which these ingredients are mixed and dispensed is the family, the matrix of identity.
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    During the first World War women in the United States had a chance to try their capacities in wider fields of executive leadership in industry. Must we always wait for war to give us opportunity? And must the pendulum always swing back in the busy world of work and workers during times of peace?
    Mary Barnett Gilson (1877–?)

    “The matrix is God?”
    “In a manner of speaking, although it would be more accurate ... to say that the matrix has a God, since this being’s omniscience and omnipotence are assumed to be limited to the matrix.”
    “If it has limits, it isn’t omnipotent.”
    “Exactly.... Cyberspace exists, insofar as it can be said to exist, by virtue of human agency.”
    William Gibson (b. 1948)