Mating System

A mating system is a way in which a group is structured in relation to sexual behaviour. The precise meaning depends upon the context. With respect to higher animals, it specifies which males mate with which females, under which circumstances; recognised animal mating systems include monogamy, polygamy (which includes polygyny, polyandry, and polygynandry) and promiscuity. In plants, it refers to the degree and circumstances of outcrossing. In human sociobiology, the terms have been extended to encompass the formation of relationships such as marriage.

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Mating System - In Humans
... Compared to other vertebrates, where a species usually has a single mating system, human display great variety ... that if women raise the children alone, men can concentrate on the mating effort ... Virtually all the terms used to describe animal mating systems were adopted from social anthropology, where they had been devised to describe systems of marriage ...
Polyandry in Zoology - Polyandry in New World Monkeys
... Interestingly, cooperative polyandry is not the only mating system found in these primates ... the same population, and a group can even change mating systems, making it the most flexible mating system of any non-human primate ... to be the most important factor in determining which mating system is used, as ecological and environmental variability have not been found to have a significant impact ...
Sexual Dimorphism In Non-human Primates - Ultimate Causes - Mating System
... Polygynous species are more sexually dimorphic than species whose individuals only have one mate ... Examples of this are present in the case of New World monkeys like the marmosets ...
Limia - Mating System
... The consequence of this system of mating can be the undermining of female choice, halting the progression of sexual selection on male traits and in some cases inhibiting speciation ...
Monogamous Pairing In Animals - Animals - Testis Size
... The relative sizes of male testes often reflect mating systems ... In species with promiscuous mating systems, where many males mate with many females, the testes tend to be relatively large ... Studies of primates, including humans, support the relationship between testis size and mating system ...

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    Hence, a generative grammar must be a system of rules that can iterate to generate an indefinitely large number of structures. This system of rules can be analyzed into the three major components of a generative grammar: the syntactic, phonological, and semantic components.
    Noam Chomsky (b. 1928)

    The far-off clinching and mating of arches, the leap and thrust of the stone, carrying a great roof overhead, awed and silenced her.
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