Master Planner

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Kraven The Hunter - In Other Media - Television
... After his second defeat, Kraven is rescued by Calypso on behalf of the Master Planner, who asks him if he would like to hunt in a pack ... Thus, Master Planner managed to form the second version of the Sinister Six with him, Mysterio, Vulture, Electro, Sandman, and Rhino ... villains were extracted at the last minute by the Master Planner ...
Vulture (comics) - In Other Media - Television
... again in the episode Reinforcement, to join a new Sinister Six created by the Master Planner ... The Planner sends the Six to attack Spider-Man ... In Shear Strength, Vulture continues to aid the Master Planner, who is revealed to be Doctor Octopus, in his plan for world domination by gaining control over all the computers in the world ...
Sinister Six - In Other Media - Television
... In "Reinforcement", the Master Planner arranged the reformation of the Sinister Six (this time explicitly named as such) (Which had Doc Ock and Shocker replaced by Mysterio and Kraven ... to fool the Ravencroft staff and that like in the comics, he was the Master Planner) ... making sure it's the real Mysterio, Spider-Man tries to get him to tell him who the Master Planner is ...

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