Master Oscillator

Some articles on master oscillator, oscillator:

Power Scaling - MOPA
... of achieving power scalability is the "MOPA" (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) approach ... The master oscillator produces a highly coherent beam, and an optical amplifier is used to increase the power of the beam while preserving its main properties ... The master oscillator has no need to be powerful, and has no need to operate at high efficiency because the efficiency is determined mainly by the power amplifier ...
National Ignition Facility - Description - Driver Laser
... an ytterbium-doped optical fiber laser known as the Master Oscillator ... The light from the Master Oscillator is split and directed into 48 Preamplifier Modules (PAMs) ... used in the main beamlines, boosting the nanojoules of light created in the Master Oscillator to about 6 joules ...
Oscillator Sync - Hard Sync
... The master oscillator's pitch is generated by user input (typically the synthesizer's keyboard), and is arbitrary ... The slave oscillator's pitch may be tuned to (or detuned from) this frequency, or may remain constant ... Every time the master oscillator's cycle repeats, the slave is retriggered, regardless of its position ...

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