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Stomaž, Ajdovščina - Mass Graves
... Stomaž is the site of four known mass graves from the Second World War ... The Stomaž 1–4 mass graves (Slovene Grobišče Stomaž 1–4) are all located east of the settlement ... The first grave lies in the bushes in the ravine of Vrnivec Creek, about 90 m north of the house at Štomaž no ...
No Gun Ri - Investigations - Aerial Imagery, Victims' Remains
... a Pentagon analyst of aerial imagery had not reported detecting mass graves in 1950 reconnaissance photos of the railroad bridge area ... of dirt, out of sight of airborne cameras and awaiting later burial in mass graves ... Ri villagers said that in later decades two mass graves holding some victims' remains were disturbed and bones were removed during a reforestation project and by farming activity ...
Sopotnica, Slovenia - History - Mass Graves
... Sopotnica is the site of two known mass graves from the period immediately after the Second World War ... The Muretovina 1 and 2 mass graves (Slovene Grobišče Muretovina 1, 2) are located on the southern slope of Mure Hill (Muretov grič) north of the Poljane Sora River, in a meadow at the abandoned ... The first grave contains the remains of seven Home Guard soldiers that were murdered after the war and buried in a firing trench at the former Home Guard post ...
Brother Number One - Biography - Leader of Kampuchea (1975–79)
... were taken out in shackles to dig their own mass graves ... A Khmer Rouge extermination prison directive ordered, "Bullets are not to be wasted." These mass graves are often referred to as The Killing Fields ... After five years of researching some 20,000 grave sites, he concludes that, "these mass graves contain the remains of 1,386,734 victims of execution." Execution is believed to have accounted for about 50 ...
Smrje - Mass Graves
... Smrje is the site of five known mass graves or unmarked graves the end of the Second World War ... The Ravence Mass Grave (Slovene Grobišče Ravence) is located in a meadow 1,100 m south of Smrje and contains the remains of three soldiers ... The Ločice 1 Mass Grave (Grobišče Ločice 1) lies in a swampy meadow 750 m south of the village and contains the remains of two soldiers ...

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    We forget cruelty and past betrayal,
    Heedless of where the next bright bolt may fall.
    —Robert Graves (1895–1985)

    For half a mile from the shore it was one mass of white breakers, which, with the wind, made such a din that we could hardly hear ourselves speak.... This was the stormiest sea that we witnessed,—more tumultuous, my companion affirmed, than the rapids of Niagara, and, of course, on a far greater scale. It was the ocean in a gale, a clear, cold day, with only one sail in sight, which labored much, as if it were anxiously seeking a harbor.... It was the roaring sea, thalassa exeessa.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)