A marketplace is the space, actual, virtual or metaphorical, in which a market operates. The term is also used in a trademark law context to denote the actual consumer environment, i.e. the 'real world' in which products and services are provided and consumed.

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Mahane Yehuda Market
... to as "The Shuk" (or "Machne", the "shorthand nickname" used by locals), is a marketplace (originally open-air, but now at least partially covered ... The color and bustle of the marketplace is accentuated by vendors who call out their prices to passersby ... On Thursdays and Fridays, the marketplace is filled with shoppers stocking up for Shabbat, until the Friday afternoon sounding of the bugle that signifies the market will close for ...
Crossloop - Marketplace
... The CrossLoop Marketplace is where people can get remote IT support 24 hours a day, from a Global Network of Experts ... The CrossLoop Marketplace is a website where users create profiles as experts, or as ones seeking help ...
Internet Marketplaces
... The Internet has also allowed other marketplaces to thrive by connecting buyers and sellers from disparate locations ... The formation of online marketplaces often occurs quickly in response to social or economic trends ... Internet marketplaces can further be categorized as B2B, B2C and C2C marketplaces ...
Consumtariat - Term
... the concept that consumers should be informed decision makers in the marketplace ... "Consumerism" is the concept that the marketplace itself is responsible for ensuring economic justice and fairness in society ... field of studying, regulating, or interacting with the marketplace ...
Sunshine Marketplace
... Sunshine Marketplace (was to be called Market Towers) is a regional shopping centre in Sunshine, about 13 kilometres (8 mi) west of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia ... Sunshine Marketplace has a variety of national, international and independent retailers, it has a Gross Lettable Area of 33,850 m2 (364,400 sq ft), 1,743 parking spaces and approximately 74 stores ...

Famous quotes containing the word marketplace:

    It is the marketplace that calls most clearly for men to be softer, more narcissistic and receptive, and the new man is the result.
    Barbara Ehrenreich (b. 1941)