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Jenkins' first street project was a series of clear tape casts made from his body that he installed on the streets in Rio de Janeiro (2003). In 2005 he began working with Sandra Fernandez on the Storker Project, a series where tape "babies" are "dropped" in different cities. In 2006 Jenkins began dressing his casts to create hyper realistic sculptures. (Embed Series). Other outdoor projects include Meterpops (2005), Traffic-Go-Round (2007), and Flowersigns (2007). He collaborated with Greenpeace in 2008 with the "Plight of the Polar Bears" street installation.

Jenkins refers to his work collectively as the Glazed Paradise and hosts a website ( made up of digital collages of his street characters extracted into surreal environments.

Indoors Jenkins has shown with Carmichael Gallery (LA) and Lazarides Gallery (UK) and has had solo shows in cities including Tokyo, Vienna, NYC, LA, and London. He has participated in group shows including Dublin Contemporary 2011, Kusthalle Wien "Street and Studio", OpenArt2011 Örebro, "Subglob 2" and Taubman Museum "Recordings".

He has held workshops in cities including Moscow, St Petersburg, Belgrade, Tashkent, Seoul, and Prato.

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