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Animal Exhibits

  • Friendship Cove: The world's largest whale habitat for viewing orcas above ground and below. Until the 2006 season, guests were able to pet and feed the killer whales. 'Splash Sessions' have now replaced the interactive sessions in response to guest feedback. The 'Splash Sessions' include the whales jumping and splashing the guests around the walls of the pool. Friendship Cove currently holds one orca: Kiska (female, approx. 36 years-her actual age) . Upon the 2009 opening season, ten belugas from Arctic Cove have been moved into Friendship Cove. According to Marineland's website, due to the loss of Ikaika, who was transferred back to SeaWorld in fall of 2011, it's suggested that there are no more Splash Sessions, just underwater viewing for Marineland's only orca, Kiska.

Tank arrangements are: Front Tank: 12: Rain, Rose, Meeka, Horus, Jellybean, Tuk, Burnaby, Eve and Osiris. Neva, Mira and Charlotte were recently transferred to Friendship Cove, and reside in the shallow area of FC. Side Tank: Kiska Orca Back/Medical Tank: Currently Open

  • Arctic Cove: Opened in 2004, features beluga whales, it is much like Friendship Cove allowing guests to view belugas above and below ground. Guests also have the opportunity to pet and feed the beluga whales for a fee. These interaction sessions occur throughout the day. Marineland currently holds the world record of 41 beluga whales total in their exhibits, both wild and captive born whales in Arctic Cove, King Waldorf Theatre and Friendship Cove. They do not use any assistive reproduction methods, only natural conception since 2002, with 25 births, with 17 currently alive, 4 residing in the US, making the park the best for beluga breeding and care. Current female beluga whales include: Jubilee, Xena, Eve, Isis, Osiris, Kelowna, Sierra, Skyla, Charmin, Peanut, Oceanna, Caspian, Gemini, Cleopatra, Peekachu, Rain, Acadia, Aurora, Talia, Secord, Lillooet, Rose, Meeka, Mira, Charlotte, Qila, Skyla's calf 2011 and Lillooet's calf 2012. Unfortunately, in May 2012, Skyla's calf succumbed to its injuries in the arms of trainers after being attacked by two adult beluga males that it shared a tank with. Males: Orion, Burnaby, Tuk, Andre, Belyi, Tofino, Horus, Kodiak, Tank and Sierra's calf 2012. The gender of Jubilee's calf of 2011 is still currently unknown. 2011 births include a female calf to Skyla on August 25, a male calf named Tank to Acadia on August 30, a stillbirth to Caspian on September 26, and a calf of unknown gender to Jubilee on October 13–14. 2012 births include a male calf born to Sierra June 11, 2012, a females calf born to Lillooet June 17, 2012 with 2 others pregnant : Gemini and Xena.

Tank arrangements are: Arctic Cove: Front Tank: 13: Isis & Qila, Cleo, Andre, Peanut, Peekachu, Secord, Kodiak, Orion, Aurora, Caspian, Kelowna and Oceanna Side Tank: 13: Skyla & calf, Jubilee & calf, Sierra and calf, Acadia and Tank, Lillooet and calf, Talia, Gemini(pregnant), Xena ( Pregnant), Belyi Medical Tank: Open

  • The King Waldorf Stadium Show: Featuring mainly sea lions, walrus and bottlenose dolphins, and soon belugas. The King Waldorf Stadium Show includes dolphins jumping in the air and sea lions with comedy.

Belugas: Tofino & Charmin Dolphins: Tsunami, Echo, Lida, Sonar and Marina Sealions Ladies: Rotational between the 8(Coral, Surfer, Tide, Holly, Malibu, Sydney, Maui, Cleveland) Walruses: Buttercup, Apollo and Smooshi

  • Aquarium Dome: This tank is now a retirement centre for the elderly sea lions.

Harbor Seals: Curry, Poppy, Baby Sealions: Baker, Sandy, Pebbles Grey Seal: Delphine

  • Warehouse: This area is a 4 quadron tank area, being larger than Aquarium Dome and King Waldorf Theatre. Marineland has several animals off exhibit from King Waldorf Theatre.

Harbor Seals: Pepper, Rolo, Squamish, Larry Sealions: Coral, Surfer, Tide, Holly, Malibu, Sydney, Maui, Cleveland Grey Seal: Jack Walruses: Apollo, Smooshi, Sonja, Zeus, Pandora, Buttercup Dolphins(winter): Lida, Echo, Tsunami, Sonar, Marina

  • Other Animals: Marineland has many animals throughout the park that are not cetaceans or pinnipeds. Marineland has carried over these animals from its days as a 'game farm'.
  • Bears: an area featuring black bears sits below a viewing deck, where visitors can throw Corn Pops cereal (originally marshmallows) to them.
  • Fallow deer: The deer are in a fenced in area which allow people to move about freely, food is provided for a fee.
  • Fish: An area in which carp and koi gather around "deck bridges", allowing easy viewing and feeding (for a fee),
  • Elk and Buffalo: allow for easy viewing of these creatures grazing. Feeding also available for a fee.
  • One of the Orcas (Nootka 5)

  • The Deer

  • Feeding a beluga named Priscilla

  • Orcas during performance (Orca is Athena)

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