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San Diego-La Jolla Underwater Park
... San Diego in 1970 and actually has two other parks within it the Ecological Reserve and the Marine Life Refuge ... park are two artificial reefs, created to attract and enhance marine life ... The abrupt drop and abundance of marine life help to explain why migrating whales can often be spotted close to shore ...
Expo 2012 - Primary Content - Aquarium, The Marine Life Pavilion - Marine Life
... This area mostly shows marine animals that live in coastal regions ... Animals such as belugas, Baikal seals, penguins, otters, sea lions and elephant seals live here ...
Diving In Thailand - Diving Destinations and Diving Sites in Thailand - The Andaman Sea - Similan Islands
... are famed for their thriving reefs and abundance of delicate coral and variety of exciting marine life ... towering rock formation with a variety of marine life ... Its solid healthy table and sheet provides marine life places to hide and sleep ...
Census Of Diversity Of Abyssal Marine Life
... The Census of Diversity of Abyssal Marine Life (CeDAMar) is a field project of the Census of Marine Life that studies the species diversity of one of the largest and most ...
List Of Fishing Topics By Subject - Aquatic Ecosystems - Marine Life
... Census of Marine Life – The Census of Marine Life was a global network of researchers in more than 80 nations engaged in a 10-year scientific ... Marine bacteriophage – Marine bacteriophages or marine phages are viruses that live as obligate parasitic agents in marine bacteria such as cyanobacteria ... Marine invertebrates – Marine invertebrates are multicellular animals that inhabit a marine environment and are invertebrates, lacking a vertebral column ...

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    Like ultraviolet rays memory shows to each man in the book of life a script that invisibly and prophetically glosses the text.
    Walter Benjamin (1892–1940)

    People run away from the name subsidy. It is a subsidy. I am not afraid to call it so. It is paid for the purpose of giving a merchant marine to the whole country so that the trade of the whole country will be benefitted thereby, and the men running the ships will of course make a reasonable profit.... Unless we have a merchant marine, our navy if called upon for offensive or defensive work is going to be most defective.
    William Howard Taft (1857–1930)