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Episode Listing

# Title Original air date
01 "Suiryoku no Esukuera (The Jade Escuela)"
October 1, 2006
02 "Akatsuki no Ēderushutain (The Edelstein Before Dawn)"
October 8, 2006
03 "Genzō no Ipuse (The Illusion of Ipse)"
October 15, 2006
04 "Yōkō no Foashupīru (The Vorspiel of the Sun )"
October 22, 2006
05 "Junpaku no Memoria (The Purest Memoria)"
October 29, 2006
06 "Senkō no Aniverusēru (A Glorious Anniversaire)"
November 5, 2006
07 "Umikaze no Toraifurusu (Trifles in the Breeze)"
November 12, 2006
08 "Shin’en no Meizu (A Deep Maze)"
November 19, 2006
09 "Arashi no Etoranze (A Stormy Etranger)"
November 26, 2006
10 "Kokō no Torisuteitia (The High and Mighty Tristitia)"
December 3, 2006
11 "Jōnetsu no Torovāre (Passionate Trovare)"
December 10, 2006
12 "Shukusai no Enpesāru (Empezar, the Offerer)"
December 17, 2006
13 "Kenran no Apurōsu (Rousing Applause)"
December 24, 2006
Extra "TOKYO merīgōrando (merry-go-round)"
(TOKYOメリーゴーランド(The Extra Disc is not found until this year 2010, maybe no extra episode))
July 19, 2007

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