Marge is a female name, a shortened form of Marjorie or Margaret. Those named Marge include:


  • Marge (cartoonist) (1904–1993), pen name of Marjorie Henderson Buell
  • Marge Burns (1925–2009), American golfer
  • Marge Callaghan (born 1931), former infielder in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League
  • Marge Champion (born 1919), American dancer and choreographer
  • Marge Piercy (born 1936), American poet, novelist, and social activist
  • Marge Roukema (born 1929), member of the U.S. House of Representatives for New Jersey
  • Marge Schott (1928–2004), controversial owner of the Cincinnati Reds baseball team
  • Marge Simon (born 1942), American artist and writer of speculative poetry and fiction

Fictional characters:

  • Marge Dursley, in the Harry Potter series
  • Marge Green, on the BBC soap opera EastEnders
  • Marge Simpson, on the animated series The Simpsons

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Famous quotes containing the word marge:

    Does frightening women make you proud? Or is pride something monsters don’t understand?
    Louis Vittes, and Gene Fowler, Jr.. Marge (Gloria Talbott)