Manzil (Arabic: منزل‎, plural منازل manāzil) is the word for one of seven parts of roughly equal length into which the Qur'an is divided for the purpose of reciting the entire text in one week.

They are:

  1. Al-Fatihah (1) through An-Nisa' (4)
  2. Al-Maida (5) through At-Tawba (9)
  3. Yunus (10) through An-Nahl (16)
  4. Isra' (17) through Al-Furqan (25)
  5. Ash-Shuara' (26) through Ya-Seen (36)
  6. As-Saffat (37) through Al-Hujarat (49)
  7. Qaf (50) through An-Nass (114)

It follows this pattern:

  1. The first 4 chapters
  2. The next 5 chapters
  3. The next 7 chapters
  4. The next 9 chapters
  5. The next 11 chapters
  6. The next 13 chapters
  7. The remaining 65 chapters.

A second meaning is a set of verses from different parts of the Qur'an which help in curing or preventing Sihr(evil magic). The collection of these verses is available in booklet form from various publishers.

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