Manipuri is the synonym of Meetei or Meitei. Meetei is an endonym and Manipuri is an exonym.

It may refer to:

  • Manipur, a state in northeastern India
  • Manipuri language, a Tibeto-Burman language also known as the Meeteilon
  • Manipuri people, an ethnic group in South Asia
  • Manipuri literature, the literature in Manipuri language i.e. Meeteilon
  • Manipuri script or Meitei Mayek script, the script used for Meeteilon by the Meitei people
  • Manipuri dance, one of the Indian classical dance forms.It is also known as Meetei Jagoi
  • Manipuri pony, a horse breed

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... Poknapham is the most-read Manipuri language newspaper from Imphal, Manipur in India ... Poknapham means Birth Place in Manipuri ... The online version of Poknapham was launched in June 2008 and is the first Manipuri language newspaper to go online ...
Manipuri Dance - The Dance
... The traditional Manipuri dance style embodies delicate, lyrical and graceful movements ... It is this which gives Manipuri dance its undulating and soft appearance ... The musical accompaniment for Manipuri dance comes from a percussion instrument called the Pung, a singer, small cymbals, a stringed instrument called the ...
List Of Indian Poets - Manipuri
... Ashangbam Minaketan Singh Robin S Ngangom (born 1959), poet who writes in English and Manipuri Angom Gopi ...
Military History Of Burma - Konbaung Period - Konbaung Empire - Manipur (1756–1758)
... Alaungpaya, who grew up watching the Manipuri raids ransacking his home region year after year, was determined to return the favor as soon as he was able ... The Burmese army defeated the Manipuri army, and ransacked the entire country, which the Manipuris call the First Devastation ... this time to place the Burmese nominee to the Manipuri throne ...