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Loktak Lake - Hydrology
... Loktak Lake is fed by the Manipur river and several tributaries and ‘Ungamel Channel’ (Ithai Barrage) is its only outlet now ... The origin of the Manipur river system and its tributaries, which flows in a north-south direction and drains into the lake is from the hill ranges immediately to the west of ... The five major rivers with indirect catchment area of 7,157 km2 (2,763 sq mi) are the Imphal (also called the Manipur River), the Iril, the Thoubal ...
Loktak Lake - Topography and Geography
... Of the two river systems which drain the Manipur state—the Barak river and the Manipur River—the Manipur River flows through the Manipur Valley ... The river rises in the north at Karong, flows south of Imphal and hence is also known as the Imphal River ... Along its course through the valley, downstream of Imphal, the bed slope of the river is gentle ...
Manipur - Geography, Vegetation and Climate - Geography
... Manipur is one of the seven states of Northeast India ... The state capital of Manipur is Imphal ... There are four major river basins in Manipur State, the Barak River Basin (Barak Valley) to the west, the Manipur River Basin in central Manipur, the ...

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