• (verb): Treat manually, as with massage, for therapeutic purposed.
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Some articles on manipulate:

The Year Before (W.I.T.C.H.) - Powers and Resources of The Guardians - Magical Abilities and Powers
... Irma and Cassidy control and manipulate the element of Water Taranee and Halinor control and manipulate the element of Fire Cornelia and Kadma control and manipulate the element of Earth Hay Lin and Yan ...
Magneto (comics) - Powers and Abilities
... Magneto is a mutant with the power to manipulate electromagnetic fields to achieve a wide range of effects ... While the maximum amount of mass he can manipulate at one time is unknown, he has moved large asteroids several times and effortlessly levitated a 30,000 ton nuclear submarine ... as the electromagnetic force is responsible for chemical bonding), allowing him to manipulate chemical structures and rearrange matter, albeit this is ...
The Right To Arm Bears - Major Themes
... The human authorities manipulate the protagonist, the Dilbians manipulate the humans, the humans manipulate the Hemnoids and try to manipulate the Dilbians, the women manipulate the men, the men ...
Skein (comics) - Powers and Abilities
... Sybil has the ability to telekinetically manipulate materials and objects with her mind ... and specific "texture" to her mind, she prefers to only manipulate "soft" substances like fibers and other malleable, yielding substances ... The maximum amount of material she can manipulate at once is equivalent to the amount of weight she can lift physically ...
Children Of The Vault - Members
... She can also manipulate bio-molecular ingredients to some degree ... has a globe of electricity surrounding her head that she can manipulate into electrical chains ... Luz (Light) She has the ability to bend and manipulate light, "painting" or shaping it into anything she wishes ...

More definitions of "manipulate":

  • (verb): Manipulate in a fraudulent manner.
    Synonyms: rig
  • (verb): Control (others or oneself) or influence skillfully, usually to one's advantage.
    Synonyms: keep in line, control
  • (verb): Hold something in one's hands and move it.