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History Of Ethanol Fuel In Brazil - The Pro-Alcohol Era
... The Brazilian government also made mandatory the blend of ethanol fuel with gasoline, fluctuating from 1976 until 1992 between 10% and 22% ... Due to this mandatory minimum gasoline blend, pure gasoline (E0) is no longer sold in the country ... passed in October 1993 establishing a mandatory blend of 22% anhydrous ethanol (E22) in the entire country ...
Ethanol Fuel In Brazil - History
... Historical evolution of ethanol blends used in Brazil (1976–2010) Year Ethanol blend Year Ethanol blend Year Ethanol blend 1931 E5 1989 E18-22-13 2004 E20 1976 E11 1992 E13 2005 E22 1977 E10 1993-98 ... submarine attacks threatened oil supplies, the mandatory blend became as high as 50% in 1943 ... end of the war cheap oil caused gasoline to prevail, and ethanol blends were only used sporadically, mostly to take advantage of sugar surpluses, until the ...
Ethanol Fuel In Brazil
... Since 1976 the government made it mandatory to blend anhydrous ethanol with gasoline, fluctuating between 10% to 22% ... In 1993 the mandatory blend was fixed by law at 22% anhydrous ethanol (E22) by volume in the entire country, but with leeway to the Executive to set different ... Since July 1, 2007 the mandatory blend is 25% of anhydrous ethanol and 75% gasoline or E25 blend ...

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