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League Of Nations Mandates - Types of Mandates - Class A Mandates
... The first group, or Class A mandates, were territories formerly controlled by the Ottoman Empire that were deemed to ".. ... in the selection of the Mandatory." The Class A mandates were Mesopotamia (United Kingdom), from 10 August 1920 – 3 October 1932 ... The mandate subsequently became the independent Kingdom of Iraq ...
League Of Nations Mandates - Generalities
... of the territories subject to League of Nations mandates were previously controlled by states defeated in World War I, principally Imperial Germany and the Ottoman Empire ... The mandates were fundamentally different from the protectorates in that the Mandatory power undertook obligations to the inhabitants of the territory and to the League of Nations ... The process of establishing the mandates consisted of two phases the formal removal of sovereignty of the state previously controlling the territory the ...
State Administration Of Taxation - Mandates
... Drafting tax laws and regulations formulating detailed implementation rules for tax laws and regulations putting forward suggestions on tax policies, and together with the Ministry of Finance, reviewing the suggestions and submitting them to the State Council formulating implementation rules for tax policies ... Measuring the overall tax burden and putting forward suggestions on how to use tax for regulation purpose formulating tax rules and procedures and supervising their implementation providing guidance for local tax collection and administration ...

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    Alas! when Virtue sits high aloft on a frigate’s poop, when Virtue is crowned in the cabin of a Commodore, when Virtue rules by compulsion, and domineers over Vice as a slave, then Virtue, though her mandates be outwardly observed, bears little interior sway.
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)