Mam or MAM may refer to:

  • Mam language, a Mayan language spoken in Guatemala
  • Mam people, an indigenous Maya people in Guatemala
  • Mam (Maya mythology), a reverential term for certain aged Maya deities.
  • Mam, Azerbaijan, a village
  • Mam Jokmok, Thai comedian
  • "Mother", colloquially (sometimes) in several English-speaking countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and is also the word for mother in Welsh.
  • Mam (film), an award-winning British short film written by Vivienne Harvey, directed by Hugo Speer and produced by Vigo Films.
  • Isle of Mam, a phantom island
  • Monoacetylmorphine, or MAM; one of two metabolites of heroin (either 3-MAM or 6-MAM) & an active opioid narcotic by itself

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Mam, Azerbaijan
... Mam is a village in the Sabirabad Rayon of Azerbaijan ... Mam is found in eastern Azerbaijan ...
Cooking With Elvis
... Other characters include his anorexic, alcoholic wife Mam (Charlie Hardwick), their fourteen-year-old daughter Jill (Sharon Percy), and their young lover ... door will be opened for Elvis to leap out and into another song with Mam and Jill as backup singers ... Mam has an insatiable appetite for sex which can no longer be satisfied by her husband ...
Mam Sodhail
... Mam Sodhail, sometimes known by its anglicised name of "Mam Soul", is a Scottish Munro situated in the secluded country on the northern side of Glen Affric, some 30 kilometres east of Kyle of Lochalsh ...
Laguna Chicabal
... Chiquibal) is a Guatemalan lake sacred to the Mam Mayan people ... Laguna Chicabal is billed as the center of the Mam-Maya "cosmovision", and Mayan traditionalists still use the several altars on the lake shore ... placed on visiting the lake during the early part of May so that Mam people can celebrate their traditional ceremonies without disturbance ...
Origins of The Somaly Mam Foundation
... The following excerpt was take directly from the Somaly Mam Foundation website (http// A few months later Greenberg and ... Mam is now regarded as one of the most prolific activists fighting sexual slavery ... They met with Somaly Mam, toured shelters, and met some of the young women who had been rescued ...