Malaysian General Election

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Malaysian General Election, 2008 - See Also
... Elections in Malaysia, for an overview of Malaysian electoral processes and general, state and by-elections ...
Pakatan Rakyat - History
... Alternatif (English Alternative Front), that was created during the election campaign of the 10th Malaysian General Election in 1999 ... Alternative was the banner and policy position document which a group of Malaysian opposition political parties (DAP, PKR, PAS, PSM, MDP and PASOK) endorsed and coalesced around for that election ... In the 2008 general election (12th Malaysian General Election), PKR, DAP and PAS had also won 41, 73, and 86 seats, respectively, in various state assemblies ...
List Of Malaysia-related Topics - History of Malaysia - Elections in Malaysia
... Elections in Malaysia Singapore national referendum, 1962 Malaysian general election, 1978 Malayan general election, 1959 Malaysian general election, 1969 Malaysian general election, 1999 ...

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