The word Makara can refer to several different things.

  • Seven sisters who became the Pleiades (star cluster) in the mythology of some Aboriginal tribes in Australia
  • Makara (Hindu mythology), a mythical creature and Varuna's and Ganga's Vahana (mount), in Hinduism
  • Capricorn (astrology) in the Hindu calendar
  • Makara, New Zealand, a rural locality on the coast of the North Island west of Wellington
    • Makara Guardians, a group opposed to wind-farm development at Makara in New Zealand
  • "blessed" in Greek. Since many East European people accepted Christianity from the Greeks, many of these peoples have Makara in the root of some names: Makarios (Greeks). The given name Makar gave rise to a number of last names Makarov (Russians), Makarenko (Ukrainians), Makara (Slovaks).
  • Universitas Indonesia logo name
  • X-Bomber Japanese sci-fi puppet character Commander Makara
  • Makara (magazine), a Canadian feminist arts journal, 1975–1978
  • Makara (surname), a surname of Brythonic and Goidelic origin.
  • Makara (album) is the third studio album released by E.S. Posthumus.
  • Makara means "charcoal" in Kikuyu, a Central Kenya local language
  • A trademarked name for an Indonesian variety of cinnamon used by Cinnabon.
  • In the Khmer language, Makara is the first month of a year, January (Khmer: មករា).

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Makara Naotaka
... Makara Naotaka (真柄 直隆?, 1536 – August 9, 1570) was a Japanese samurai of the Sengoku period, who served the Asakura clan ... He was also known as Makara Jūrōzaemon (真柄 十郎左衛門?) ... Makara was famed for his skill with the nodachi ...
Makara (Hindu Mythology) - Cryptozoology
... Some cryptozoologists suspect the legend of the Makara may be based in fact, and associate it with the Trunko sighting on South Africa's Indian coast ... Some ancient sketches of Makara do tend to resemble modern illustrated renditions of the prehistoric mammal Ambulocetus ... once abundantly found in the Ganges-Brahmaputra river system and with which the Makara shares several visible similarities ...
Makara (magazine)
... Makara was a Canadian feminist arts journal, produced in Vancouver, B.C ... Makara stopped publishing after 13 issues because it was not self-supporting sales and advertising revenues did not cover printing costs or salaries, and a government grant which had ...
Makara (Hindu Mythology) - Iconography
... In Hindu iconography, Makara is represented as the vahana (‘vehicle’) of Ganga, the river goddess ... A row of makara may run along the wall of a Hindu temple, or form the hand rail of a staircase ... leading Hindu temple architect and builder Ganapati Sthapati describes Makara as a mythical animal with the body of a fish, trunk of an elephant, feet of a lion, eyes of a ...