Major Emmerdale Storylines - Tom King Kidnap Plot September 2006

Tom King Kidnap Plot September 2006

In September 2006, Cain Dingle and Sadie King plotted to kidnap millionaire Tom King and demand a £2.5 million ransom. They did carry out the plot but Cain discovered that Sadie had paid for his girlfriend, Jasmine Thomas, to have an abortion privately and kidnapped her and Tom. He took them to a deserted barn and threatened them with a gun. The kidnap did follow a few twists and turns involving a car explosion, numerous theft of cars after Cain blew up his old car, a police car and helicopter chase, crashing into a flooded quarry only to find the car empty. He shot Sadie and demanded that his sister Chas be the one to bring the money. She did and soon it was revealed that Sadie was alive and that she was working with him. However, when it came to the escape, Cain left Sadie stranded. They both left the soap afterwards. The hour-long episode shown on Tuesday 19 September attracted around 9 million viewers, leaving rival soap EastEnders with just 4.8 million viewers. The culmintation of the storyline on 22 September attracted 8.7 million viewers.

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