Magnesium in Biology - Plant Physiology of Magnesium

Plant Physiology of Magnesium

The previous sections have dealt in detail with the chemical and biochemical aspects of Mg2+ and its transport across cellular membranes. This section will apply this knowledge to aspects of whole plant physiology, in an attempt to show how these processes interact with the larger and more complex environment of the multicellular organism.

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Magnesium In Biology - Plant Physiology of Magnesium - Magnesium Stress
... Plant stress responses can be observed in plants that are under or over supplied with Mg2+ ... The first observable signs of Mg2+ stress in plants for both starvation and toxicity is a depression of the rate of photosynthesis, presumably because of the strong relationships ... However, due to the mobility of Mg2+ within the plant, the deficiency phenotype may be present only in the older parts of the plant ...

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