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Servantes (magic)
... Servantes are props used by magicians ... been common objects ever since the very first magicians and many still can't do without ... bag or pouch, often with a ring to keep it open, hanging from the magician's belt ...
Stage Illusions
... Timeline Conjuring terms Manufacturers Magicians Magic tricks Magic publications Magic museums Films about magicians Magic history Indian magicians Tarbell Course ...
The Sphinx: An Independent Magazine For Magicians
... The Sphinx (subtitled An Independent Magazine for Magicians) was a magic-related periodical published from March 1902 through March 1953 ... Vaudeville was at its height, bringing a variety magicians from all over the world to the larger cities of North America ... the western organ of the Society of American Magicians and starting with Volume 8, it become the official organ of the Society of American Magicians ...
Matilda (chicken) - Posthumous Honors - Broken Perch Ceremony
... Southeastern Association of Magicians Ring 35 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (Birmingham, Alabama) To honor Matilda's contributions to the world of magic, a Broken Perch Ceremony was ... Perimeter Park Hotel in Birmingham, Alabama, was hosted by the Southeastern Association of Magicians and Ring 35 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians ... Never before had a magician's animal been formally recognized and honored by the magic community ...
Stewart Judah
... By 1938 he was selected as one of the 10 best living card magicians ... Each year, International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 71 holds a yearly picnic combined with the local Society of American Magicians, featuring the time-honored John Braun/St ...

Famous quotes containing the word magicians:

    I’d rather I were dead and gone,
    And my body laid in grave,
    Ere a rusty stock o coal-black smith
    My maidenhead should have.
    —Unknown. The Twa Magicians (l. 17–20)

    This is the finger of God!
    Bible: Hebrew, Exodus 8:19.

    The magicians to Pharaoh.