Magic: The Gathering World Championship - 1996 World Championship

1996 World Championship

Tom Chanpheng – 1996 World Championship
White Weenie
Main Deck: Sideboard:

1 Lodestone Bauble
2 Phyrexian War Beast
1 Zuran Orb
1 Sleight of Mind
1 Armageddon
1 Balance
4 Disenchant
1 Land Tax
4 Order of Leitbur
4 Order of the White Shield
1 Reinforcements
1 Reprisal
4 Savannah Lions
2 Serra Angel
4 Swords to Plowshares
4 White Knight

1 Kjeldoran Outpost
4 Mishra's Factory
15 Plains
4 Strip Mine

2 Arenson's Aura
1 Black Vise
4 Divine Offering
1 Energy Storm
1 Exile
1 Reprisal
1 Spirit Link
1 Sleight of Mind
2 Serrated Arrows
1 Kjeldoran Outpost

The third Magic World Championship was held at the Wizards headquarters in Seattle, USA. It was the first Worlds also to be a Pro Tour. 125 players competed in the event. The tournament featured a Booster Draft, a Standard (Type II), and a Legacy (Type 1.5) portion.

Final standings

  1. Tom Chanpheng
  2. Mark Justice
  3. Henry Stern
  4. Olle Råde
  5. Matt Place
  6. Scott Johns
  7. Eric Tam
  8. Tommi Hovi

Note that Chanpeng's winning deck included a Sleight of Mind, but no sources of blue mana. This did not stem from an error in his submitted decklist, but from an intentional bluff of placing his sideboard face up while playing to dissuade his opponents from sideboarding in Gloom versus him.

Tom's victory was commemorated with a unique card, named 1996 World Champion.

Team final
  1. United States – Dennis Bentley, George Baxter, Mike Long, Matt Place
  2. Czech Republic – David Korejtko, Jakub Slemr, Ondrej Baudys, Lucas Kocourek
Pro Tour Player of the Year
  1. Olle Råde
  2. Shawn "Hammer" Regnier
  3. Mark Justice

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