Madre De Dios

Madre de Dios may refer to:

  • Mary, the mother of Jesus
  • Madre de Dios Province, Bolivia
  • Madre de Dios Island, Chile
  • Madre de Dios Mine, Chile
  • Madre de Dios Region, Peru
  • Madre de Dios River, Peru
  • Madre de Dios (album), an album by Dozer

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List Of Indigenous Peoples Of South America - Amazon - Southwestern Amazon
... This region includes the Cuzco, Huánuco Junín, Loreto, Madre de Dios, and Ucayali Regions of eastern Peru, parts of Acre, Amazonas, and Rondônia ... Shipibo-Conibo), Peru and Amazonas, Brazil Ese Ejja (Chama), Beni Department, Bolivia Harakmbut, Madre de Dios, Peru Amarakaeri, Madre de Dios Region, Peru Kareneri, Madre de Dios Region, Peru ...
Hijo De Puta - Profanity Related To Religion - Openly Blasphemous Expressions
... Me cago en Dios ("I shit on God"), Me cago en Cristo ("I shit on Christ") ... more elements, to emphasize the anger Me cago en un tren lleno de santos, curas y obispos con Jesucristo de conductor ("I shit on a train full of saints, priests and bishops, with Christ as ... Me cago en la madre de Dios / en la Virgen ("I shit on the Mother of God / on the Virgin"), Me cago en la hostia ("I shit on the Host") ...
Los Amigos Biological Station
... of Peru's southern Andes, at 270 masl in Madre de Dios department ... The station's official name in Spanish is Centro de Investigación y Capacitación Río Los Amigos (Los Amigos Research and Training Center) ... The station sits on a high terrace at the confluence of the Madre de Dios and Los Amigos rivers ...
Madre De Dios Island
... Madre de Dios Island (Spanish Isla Madre de Dios) is an island in the Magallanes y la Antártica Chilena Region, Chile ... Madre de Dios Island is composed partly by limestone and has several natural caves discovered by cavers and scientists of "Terre" team ...