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Roger Bochs and Omega Flight

While Madison was continuing with his own life, Box and Diamond Lil were subsequently recruited by Jerome Jaxon as members of Omega Flight, with the intention of destroying James Hudson, now known as Guardian, and Alpha Flight. However, Roger Bochs only accepted the offer of Jaxon's android assistant, Delphine Courtney, in order to defeat Omega Flight from within, as he remained loyal to Guardian. Jaxon would, as a result, use the Box robot himself against Guardian in battle, only to be electrocuted by the feedback in Box's control helmet when Guardian used his own suit's energy to disable the robot. Shortly thereafter, Guardian was uncontrollably thrust into the space-time continuum by his overloading battlesuit, appearing to have been disintegrated to his wife Heather.

After Alpha Flight returned to Canada, Roger Bochs (who was still working independently) recruited Madison to rebuild his damaged Box robot, in order to seek revenge against Omega Flight. Roger and Madison were able to reconfigure Box using a sort of "living metal", which allowed Bochs to physically merge with the robot, freeing him from his physical limitations. While Madison remained behind, Roger joined up with Alpha Flight, only to end up donating Box to the disembodied soul of Walter Langkowski, a.k.a. Sasquatch.

Shortly thereafter, Guardian reappeared in Vancouver, fighting an armored criminal. The rest of Alpha Flight was astonished to see their former leader alive, but it was a ruse; "Guardian" was, in fact, Delphine Courtney, reconfigured to duplicate the abilities of Guardian's battlesuit as well as his appearance. Courtney, acting as Guardian, led Alpha Flight to the West Edmonton Mall, where they encountered Omega Flight, looking for revenge, as well as to recover their lost member, Smart Alec.

Driven from the mall by the sudden appearance of the Beyonder, Omega Flight, led by Courtney disguised as Guardian, ran into Madison in the parking lot. Madison used his abilities to fend off the Omegan Flashback, inadvertently killing one of Flashback's future selves. He then turned to Courtney, forcing her to remove her Guardian mask, and then turned her inside out, destroying Courtney. Madison expressed his disappointment with Diamond Lil for turning criminal, and turned her and the rest of Omega Flight over to the authorities while he met up with Alpha Flight inside the mall, witnessing the Beyonder's departure.

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