LVT can refer to:

  • Land value tax
  • LVT, American indie rock band based out of Baltimore, MD
  • LVT, Visual light transmission (through something)
  • Landing Vehicle Tracked, an amphibious military vehicle.
  • Leasehold valuation tribunal, a form of legal hearing in England and Wales.
  • LogoVisual thinking (LVT), exploring cognition and modes of thinking.
  • Licensed Veterinary Technician
  • Lars von Trier, a Danish film director.

Other articles related to "lvt":

... It was an evolution of the LVT-1 to LVT-4 World War II era Landing Vehicle Tracked series, but was considerably larger and could carry 30-34 combat-armed troops ... A smaller design based on the M59 APC was also produced as the LVT-6, but only a handful built ... The LVTP-5 was replaced in service by the LVT-7 family ...
Lehigh Valley Transit Company - Present Day Remnants
... Some signs of the LVT's single track Allentown to Philadelphia line still exist ... North of the Perkasie Station is the LVT tunnel under the Reading Railroad ... of Main and Broad has a mural on a back wall depicting one of the LVT's 1000 Series Liberty Bell Limited former Cincinnati and Lake Erie high speed interurbans ...
Logovisual Technology - Intellectual Technology
... LVT is an intellectual technology (Warfield, 1976) that aims to streamline mental operations by facilitating recurrent actions of writing ... As an intellectual technology, LVT follows the principle of performing only one action at any one time ... LVT in particular bears some affinity to the Turing Machine and can be considered as analogous with it ...
Lehigh Valley Transit Company - History
... The Lehigh Valley Transit Company (LVT) began in 1905 ... In 1912–13, and again in 1925, LVT upgraded track and in places rerouted lines with private right of way between some towns where before it had been at the side of ... LVT installed blade style block signals at track sidings where opposing cars would pass, purchased the 800 class faster heavy wood arch windowed interurban cars from Jewett Car Company, and set up ...