Lushan or Lüshan may refer to the following locations in China:

  • Mount Lu (庐山), famed mountain in Jiangxi
  • Lushan District (庐山区), Jiujiang, Jiangxi
  • Lushan County, Henan (鲁山县)
  • Lushan County, Sichuan (芦山县)
  • Yiwulü Mountain, also Lüshan (闾山), in Beizhen, Liaoning

Other articles related to "lushan":

An Qingxu - Under An Lushan's Rule
... In 755, when An Lushan rebelled at his post at Fanyang Circuit (范陽, headquartered in modern Beijing), An Qingxu was apparently with his father and accompanied his father south ... In response to An Lushan's rebellion, An Qingxu's mother Lady Kang and older brother An Qingzong (安慶宗), then at Chang'an, were executed, and ... In 756, after An Lushan declared himself emperor of a new state of Yan at Luoyang, he created An Qingxu the Prince of Jin ...
Battle Of Yongqiu - Background
... An Lushan had enjoyed many successes early on in his rebellion ... In the fall of 755, An Lushan won a major victory at Luoyang, the eastern capital of the Tang Dynasty ... civilians losing faith in the Tang Dynasty, and more people and generals joining An Lushan's New Great Yan Dynasty every day, it seemed that the Tang Dynasty ...
Lushan District
... Lushan District, also anglicised as Kuling, (simplified Chinese 庐山区 traditional Chinese 廬山區 pinyin Lúshān Qū) is the name of a district in Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province, People's ... tourist attraction as well as home to the mountain resort town of Lushan and the 1,474 metres (4,836 ft) high Mount Lu ...
Shi Siming
... was a general of the Chinese Tang Dynasty who followed his childhood friend An Lushan in rebelling against Tang, and who later succeeded An Lushan's son An Qingxu as emperor ...