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Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase - Pathology - Non-small-cell Lung Cancer
... The EML4-ALK fusion gene is responsible for approximately 3-5% of non-small-cell lung cancer(NSCLC) ... PCR (RT-PCR) can also be used to detect lung cancers with an ALK gene fusion ... ALK lung cancers are found in patients of all ages, although on average these patients may be somewhat younger ...
Lung Cancer - Classification - Non-small-cell Lung Carcinoma
... main subtypes of NSCLC are adenocarcinoma, squamous-cell lung carcinoma, and large-cell lung carcinoma ... Nearly 40% of lung cancers are adenocarcinoma, which usually originates in peripheral lung tissue ... in their lifetimes ("never-smokers"), adenocarcinoma is the most common form of lung cancer ...
List Of Monoclonal Antibodies
... neuroblastoma 8H9 mab mouse B7-H3 neuroblastoma, sarcoma, metastatic brain cancers Abagovomab mab mouse CA-125 (imitation) ovarian cancer Abciximab ReoPro Fab chimeric CD41 (i ... detection) Bevacizumab Avastin mab humanized VEGF-A metastatic cancer Bezlotoxumab mab human Clostridium difficile Clostridium difficile infection Biciromab FibriScint Fab' mouse fibrin II, beta chain thromboembolism (d ... Cantuzumab ravtansine mab humanized MUC1 cancers Caplacizumab mab humanized VWF ? Capromab pendetide Prostascint mab mouse prostatic carcinoma cells prostate cancer (detection) Carlumab mab human CNTO888 ...

Famous quotes containing the words cancers and/or lung:

    Chrome: her pretty childface smooth as steel, with eyes that would have been at home at the bottom of some deep Atlantic trench, cold gray eyes that lived under terrible pressure. They say she cooked her own cancers for people who crossed her, rococo custom variations that took years to kill you.
    William Gibson (b. 1948)

    Dylan used to sound like a lung cancer victim singing Woody Guthrie. Now he sounds like a Rolling Stone singing Immanuel Kant.
    —Also quoted in Robert Shelton, No Direction Home, ch. 2, “Prophet Without Honor” (1986)