Lucius Volusius Saturninus (suffect Consul 3)

Lucius Volusius Saturninus (38 BC-56) was a renowned Ancient Roman statesman, a son of Lucius Volusius Saturninus, suffect consul of 12 BC and Nonia Polla. Saturninus had a sister named Volusia who was married to a man named Cornelius. His two sons were Lucius Volusius Saturninus, who became pontifex maximus, and Quintus Volusius Saturninus, a consul of 56. Along with his sons, Saturninus run the columbarium on Appian Way. His paternal cousin was Emperor Caligula's third wife, Lollia Paulina.

He had a stainless reputation, a huge but legally made fortune, and was in good graces of all of the emperors. Saturninus was consul in 3 and died at age 93. To honor him, the Senate under the sponsorship of Emperor Nero ordered a state funeral and the erection of a number of statues of him in major temples, theaters and civic buildings throughout Rome. The statues included a bronze one in the Forum of Augustus, two marble statues in the temple of the Deified Augustus, one consular statue in the temple of the Deified Iulius, another on the Palatium intra Tripylum, a third in the forecourt of Apollo in sight of the curia, a statue as Augur, an equestrian statue and a statue on a curule chair sitting near the theatrum Pompeianum.

Rank Date
Augur Before 3 AD
Suffect consul 3
Proconsul of Asia Minor 9 - 10
Augustalis, Titius 14 - 56
Legatus pro praetore, probably of Illyricum 14 - 15
Legatus pro praetore of Dalmatia 34 - 50
Prefect of Rome ca. 42 - 56
Preceded by
Publius Cornelius Lentulus Scipio and Titus Quinctius Crispinus Valerianus
Suffect consul of the Roman Empire with Publius Silius
Succeeded by
Gnaeus Sentius Saturninus and Gaius Clodius Licinus

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