Luc may refer to:.

In geography:

  • Le Luc
  • Luc, Hautes-Pyrénées
  • Luc, Lozère
  • Luc-en-Diois
  • Luc-la-Primaube
  • Luc-sur-Mer
  • Saint-Luc, Switzerland
  • Luč, settlement in Croatian Baranja.

In education:

  • Limburgs Universitair Centrum, now Hasselt University, Belgium
  • Loyola University Chicago

In medicine

  • Large unstained cells, referring to big cells that laboratories' equipment can't classify automatically in blood tests.


  • Luc Besson (born 1959), a French film director
  • Luc Ferrari, a French avant-garde composer
  • Luc Jacquet, a film director who wrote and directed March of the Penguins
  • Luc Jochimsen (born 1936), a German politician
  • Luc Longley (born 1969), an Australian basketball player
  • Luc Marquet, a French volleyball player
  • Luc Robitaille, a Canadian hockey player
  • Luc Sala, a Dutch entrepreneur and writer
  • Luc Shellkens, a Dutch football player
  • Luc Tuymans, a Belgian contemporary artist
  • Luc Vermeulen, a Flemish activist
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  • Luc (surname)

In other fields:

  • Château de Luc, a French castle-ruin in the town of Luc in the Lozère département
  • Luc (Suikoden), a character in the Genso Suikoden series of roleplaying games
  • LUC, cryptosystem based on Lucas sequences

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