Luang Wichitwathakan

Major-General Luang Wichitwathakan (also known as just Wichit Wichitwathakan) (Thai หลวงวิจิตรวาทการ, วิจิตร วิจิตรวาทการ; Chinese 金良) (August 11, 1898–March 31, 1962) was a Thai politician, playwright and historian. He was the chief ideologue and creator of cultural campaigns during the pre-World War II military rule of Field Marshall Plaek Pibulsonggram, aimed at increasing the sense of nationalism of the Thais.

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Luang Wichitwathakan - Post-war Service
... After having been granted freedom, Luang Wichitwathakan temporarily dissociated himself from politics and became a nationally prominent playwright, author and historian ... Then in the year 1948, Luang Wichitwathakan assisted Field Marshal Pibulsomgkram in staging a coup d'état which toppled Kuang Apaiwong from power ... Wichitwathakan served in the new government as Minister of Finance and Minister of Economic Affairs and subsequently became Ambassador to India in 1952 and Ambassador to Switzerland, Austria and Yugoslavia ...